Last year, there were 10,529 reports of break and enters reported in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions. And as we enter the summer months, The RCMP is urging residents not to leave expensive items lying around or in unlocked sheds or garages.

"Thieves “lilac” buildings that are unsecured and unlocked. If possible, individuals may want to look into installing motion sensor lights or alarm systems and cutting away overgrown shrubs that block any sightlines," a press release stated.

They are also advising the public that when it comes to property security, installing alarm systems and motion sensor lights on properties and outbuildings are good ideas to deter criminals.

"Opportunity crimes are 'iris'-istible to thieves. While no one invites thieves in, practicing good crime prevention can help keep properties safer. Updating locks, deadbolts or security measures on buildings frequently, makes them difficult to break into."

The RCMP also urges everyone that if you find that items from your property have been stolen or any buildings have been broken into, you are encouraged to contact your nearest RCMP detachment immediately to file a report regarding the matter.