Tasha Layton is featuring Chris Brown on her latest single 'Worship Through It.'

"I wrote this song about a dear friend who was diagnosed with cancer," says Layton on social media. "I'll say this. Whatever you're walking through, God's got you. He loves you. He has your best interest in mind. I hope that you don't wait until you're on the mountaintop to worship. Worship in the valley."

Brown, featured on Layton's new single, has been a worship leader and singer from the band Elevation Worship for 15 years. 


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"When you know how much God loves you? It changes everything," says Layton in a recent interview. "The process that God and my therapist took me through to get me free was essentially allowing God to replace my lies with truth."

Layton's last album released was This is Christmas in 2023. Her previous studio album How Far came out in 2022. 

One single, 'Never,' was released in 2023 and now 'Worship Through It' in April 2024. There is no news on when a new album will be released at this time.