The City of Grande Prairie is reminding residents to know the location of their property lines when it comes to the placement and care of trees.

The City owns a portion of land along the front and sometimes the side of every titled property, known as the "Boulevard." Before undertaking any construction project or landscaping endeavor, it is strongly recommended to confirm the location of your property lines using your Real Property Report or by contacting the City for assistance.

"All residents should be aware of their responsibilities when it comes to performing any maintenance or removal of a tree near your property, especially those situated on City boulevards," said Kase DeVries, Director of Parks for the City of Grande Prairie. "Understanding tree ownership helps ensure proper care and maintenance, contributing to the overall health and beauty of our city."

Trees located on private land are the responsibility of the property owner. The City does not perform any maintenance, removal, or clean-up efforts on privately owned trees. It is vital for property owners to understand their obligations in caring for and maintaining trees on their own land.

Call don't cut!

The best thing a homeowner can do for their trees is to call Access GP first if they have concerns about the health of a boulevard tree. Phone at 311 or email at

For additional information, please visit

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie

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