A mother in Pennsylvania is grateful after her 11-week-old baby almost died while visiting a Taco Bell. 

Natasha Long was going through a Taco Bell drive-thru Saturday afternoon when she turned around to see her infant son Myles turning blue. 

The manager at the Taco Bell in Richboro, Becky Arbaugh, heard cries for help coming from the vehicle. Before any time had passed, Arbaugh ripped off her headset and ran to help the baby. 

"I heard a scream and then someone yelled out, 'Call 911 the baby isn't breathing'," Arbaugh shared with Good Morning America (GMA). "The mom was panicked. I told her to give him to me and I performed CPR."

It seemed that Long was in the right place at the right time as Arbaugh had previously performed CPR. She is also a mother of four.

"[It's] because my daughter had issues when she was little, I had to do CPR on her a few times."

After performing chest compressions on the infant, Myles started to breathe again by the time the ambulance showed up. 

"We couldn't be more grateful to Becky," said Long to the local news station. "She saved my son's life."

Long and Arbaugh have struck up a fast friendship since the incident as Long continues to update Arbaugh on Myles recovery. After Myles was resuscitated he was brought to the local hospital, and doctors were unable to figure out what caused him to stop breathing. 

"I knew how that was when I heard it and I felt it instantly, I had to go and help her cause I knew, it's painful," says Arbaugh. "You're just so helpless as a mom when that happens."