When asked how to reach more people at Christmas Phil Wickham has a pretty simple answer.

Wickham says churches don't need to overthink things. Instead, he says, they should just keep it simple.

"I love singing Christmas songs at churches on Christmas," Wickham says in an editorial for Worship Leader magazine. "The extra sense of wonder, community, family, the spirit of giving, everyone’s in a different mindset in a special way to remember what God has done."

From Wickham's perspective he thinks churches generally do a good job at reaching out to people. While many church leaders worry about how to get more creative each year, Wickham thinks otherwise.

"I think keeping it simple, telling the story about Jesus, and how it relates to us, I really don’t think you need more creativity or imagination."

The story of God sending his Son to earth as a baby, who would live, die, and rise again, is the greatest story ever told, after all.