After two years of filming, the Veteran Hunters television series will premiere on the Sportsman Channel in both Canada and the United States on Dec. 27.

A total of six episodes will be broadcast until March. The first is entitled "Anxious for Antelope" and features a hunt of Veteran Hunters founder Todd Hisey and Paul Wagman, president of the Wayfinders Wellness Retreat.

Hisey says the entire topography of Alberta, from the wide-open plains to the Rocky Mountains, will be featured on hunts for antelopes, mule deer. elk, bighorn sheep, and wild turkey.

Each episode is 22 minutes in length (30 minutes with commercials in) and provides exposure to an organization that is unique in North America.

"We're veterans and first responders leading other veterans and first responders," explains Hisey. "We've all gone through Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment, we've walked a mile in the other guy's shoes, and that's completely different from anything else across North America. There's a peer leading peer aspect to Veteran Hunters."

Hisey says completing the episodes was similar to what's involved in a hunt. Harvesting an animal is the easy part, the hard work comes afterward.

"The TV show production has been about the same. It's been over two years of filming hunts and working with a good editor and videographer to improve the quality of our content and then get it ready to air in both Canada and the US."

He says lots of footage was left on the cutting room floor to produce a show that will captivate audiences with some stellar National Geographic-type footage.

"You want to have something worth watching, and having more people view it helps us get the word out across North America about the Veteran Hunters, what we're doing, and how unique it is."

Having it aired in the States heavily increases their exposure. He says the Sportsman Channel in the US has about 34 million subscribers.

Hisey has been in discussions with Weatherby, an American gun manufacturer headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming, about a potential future partnership.

Preparing the episodes takes time and money, and has been made possible by some generous sponsors. Hisey says they welcome more sponsors to assist with the production of future episodes and support the organization.

There's also a full line of apparel available for purchase that helps support the organization.

You can find more details here.