Most of the world’s Deaf communities are unreached, meaning less than two percent of the population has access to the Gospel. DOOR International equips Deaf believers to reach other Deaf for Christ and plant churches.

DOOR calls its program “two-by-two,” “based on the principle that Jesus lays out in Luke chapter 10 when they (disciples) are sent out in pairs,” President/CEO Rob Myers says.

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“They’re always two Deaf leaders; typically, someone with a skill in evangelism, and someone with a skill in teaching.”

Beginning with teams selected earlier this year, DOOR is introducing a new method of training.

“Typically, when we train a two-by-two team, we bring them to our Translation and Training Center in Nairobi, Kenya. They would receive some initial training and then head back into their country to begin their work,” Myers explains.

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“But recently, DOOR has begun to partner with hearing organizations who have a lot of experience in Disciple Making Movements so we can help our Deaf leaders make disciples and invest life-on-life.”

Pray new recruits can learn quickly as they shadow experienced two-by-two teams. Pray for wisdom as Deaf leaders implement the new Disciple Making Movement technique..