Following City Council’s approval during their June 17 meeting for the amendments to Policy 357, the Development Grants and Incentive Program (DIG), has been revitalized to better serve the needs of developers and property owners.

As part of the DIG Program, the Municipal Fee Rebate, now expanded to include secondary suites, multi-attached dwellings, and large-scale apartment buildings, is accepting applications.

The expanded program provides opportunity for both new projects and the compliance of existing suites.

The Municipal Fee Rebate Grant is equal to all City-imposed fees on all eligible multi-unit residential projects. By alleviating some of the financial burdens associated with development, these changes aim to simplify the application process and stimulate growth.

A municipal fee rebate is a financial incentive offered by a municipality to reduce or eliminate certain fees associated with new construction projects, like engineering or planning services. This rebate aims to encourage development, stimulate local employment, and support the growth of the community by making it more cost-effective for developers to undertake new projects.

Applicant Information

Applicants can expect to see a few key changes in the process including the removal of the $10,000 cap and project limits per builder. Grant payments will also now be triggered by an approved occupancy certificate that ensures new units are ready for use promptly. By reducing unnecessary application requirements and fields, the city aims to create an environment that fosters quality investment and growth in the local real estate market.

The application will be open until 4 p.m. December 30, 2025. For more information on the Development Grants and Incentive Program (DIG) and to apply for the Municipal Fee Rebate, please visit

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie