After a long three-year wait, Cory Asbury has released a new record. 

The new project Pioneer hit shelves and streaming platforms on Friday, September 15. Fans quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on the record.

"I listened through the whole album and had my heart shredded today. (Much needed grieving) Thank you!" said one fan. "Just listened to the whole album. Absolutely beautiful and touching. Thank you for your courage to share your authentic message. Definitely an encouragement and inspiration," said another fan. 

 Cory shares life experiences through this new album that he has not previously spoken about. 

"I am convinced that these songs are real. True. Honest and transformative," said Cory in a social media post. "I’ve spent my whole life searching for a song. A song that made me feel human. Made me feel alive. Something that matched the depth of emotion I felt even as a young boy. Something real. Something visceral. Something that made me feel like someone else understood what I felt. Sadness, pain, joy. All of it.

He continues saying he hopes this album will reach those who have been through what he's been through, feeling misunderstood, outcast and like he didn't belong. 

"The funny thing is, I had a great childhood and great friends. I was a popular kid. Great athlete. And still felt completely unknown," Asbury explained. "I searched for a place to belong inside of a song. So many years. Searching."

"Most Christian music is so cookie-cutter. We pretend like everything is fine when our houses are burning down. What if we just said, hey, my house is burning? Can you help me put it out? And even if you don’t help me, at least sit by it with me and watch it burn. We can roast some s’mores together in the embers and talk about how your house is burning too."

Asbury says this new 11-song album is his attempt to provide a safe space for listeners to feel seen, loved and held.

Cory plans to host a record release show on September 27 in Anaheim. Following that, Asbury will hit the road for the Texas Takeover Tour with special guest Brennley Brown.