On Monday, March 20, the Grande Prairie City Council approved the Police Commission Bylaw, establishing an independent and arms-length oversight body for the Grande Prairie Municipal Police Service.

A local police commission is required for municipal police services, as per the Alberta Police Act.

The bylaw enables a police commission with appointees that provide local, civilian oversight of the police service. The commission’s responsibilities include:

  • establishing policies for effective and efficient policing
  • appointing a Chief of Police and officers
  • designating a Public Complaints Director
  • allocate funds provided by Council
  • ensuring sufficient staffing

A transparent and public recruitment for members of the Grande Prairie Police Commission begins in the coming weeks.

The Commission will consist of 5 to 12 members appointed by council resolution for up to a three-year term. No more than 2 members on the Commission may be from City Council or employees of the City of Grande Prairie.

“Today, Council took the next step towards a locally responsive municipal police service with local oversight,” said Mayor Jackie Clayton. “The Police Commission serves the important function of providing arms-length oversight of the Grande Prairie Municipal Police Service, as well as ensuring policing meets community needs and operates in a manner that is aligned with our community’s values.”

For more information, please visit https://cityofgp.com.

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie