The County of Grande Prairie has assessed its truck routes and permanent road ban network and made revisions to ensure safety and structural integrity of roads. These revisions come into effect by month’s end.  

“Many infrastructure upgrades have occurred over the years, necessitating a review of our road network with regard to safety, load capacities, and efficient usage,” says Ryan Konowalyk, Director of Public Works.  

“The review and implementation of the new truck routes and permanent road bans ties into Council’s Strategic Plan and its goal to provide efficient and safe transportation networks that meet the needs of residents, business and industry,” he says. 

“We considered factors such as whether roads and infrastructure could handle legal axle weights structurally and safely.” 

Truck route and non-truck route signage will be updated by March 25. 

Truck routes are monitored and failure to comply with routes and seasonal road bans can result in fines. 

The revised Permanent Road Bans & Truck Routes map can be found at

Roads marked in red are non-truck routes that can still be used by trucks to access localized facilities such as battery sites. 

The County will also implement temporary road bans as per previous spring seasons. 

Information provided by the County of Grande Prairie