What happens when we die? This is a question that a local filmmaker asked after his brother-in-law passed away in a tragic car crash.

"I grew up going to church all my life," said Stephen Gray, director and producer of After Death. "I'm a Christian, but for a short period, I was asking those difficult questions. I wasn't even sure if there really was Heaven."

That's when Stephen came across stories about people who had died and come back to life. 

"I read something like 30 books when we were going through this," said Stephen. "Going through grief really caused us to ask those questions."

Gray, being a filmmaker, felt led to create a short film on what he had discovered. He called it Discovering Heaven.  

"It's a 10-minute short that I put out in 2017, and it garnered a fair bit of attention across Canada and a little bit in the States," said Gray. "It was enough attention to get in the door to become the feature film After Death."

After Death, picked up by Angel Studios, examines the question, 'What happens when we die?,' through stories of survivors and their families, medical researchers, leading scientists, doctors, and five NYT best-selling authors. 

I’ve found that there are a lot of people in this world who are hurting and searching,” said Stephen. “I have a deep personal connection to the stories we’ve included in our film, which is why I’ve dedicated the past 6+ years of my life exploring these questions so that it might become a beacon of hope for others. For skeptics, this film opens the door to begin to ask haunting questions.”

This will be Angel Studio’s third theatrical release behind Sound of Freedom.

After Death will debut in 2,000 theatres across Canada and the United States on Oct. 27, 2023.