People in British Columbia who have been evacuated due to ongoing wildfires and require support services are encouraged to register with Emergency Support Services (ESS).

The Province continues to provide support to evacuees through ESS throughout the province. Services provided include food, lodging, clothing, emotional support and information updates.

Evacuees can register for ESS online or in person at a reception centre. People are also encouraged to pre-register for ESS. To register or pre-register, visit the Province’s Evacuee Registration and Assistance (ERA) online tool:

Evacuee reception centres have been established in Fort St. John and the District of Mission for evacuees from the Battleship Creek wildfire and Flood Falls Trail wildfire, respectively.

There are currently 1,050 people under evacuation order, and 850 people under evacuation alert. 

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For information on evacuation orders and alerts, as well as a list of reception centres, visit Emergency Info BC:

Keep up to date on the provincial wildfire situation:

To register for Emergency Support Services, visit:
Or call toll-free: 1 800 585-9559

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Information provided by the Government of British Columbia