Meteorologists expect more rain in Pakistan this week, posing a new threat to 668,000 people left homeless by severe seasonal flooding.

Weeks of heavy rains and floods have affected 33 million people; the number of people in makeshift shelters increased by 190,000 since last week. Record-breaking deluges killed at least 1,400 people, washing away roughly $30 billion in housing, farmland, and livestock.

Despite difficult circumstances, believers press on to reach families for Christ. “It (the flooding) is not stopping our partners,” Greg Yoder of Keys for Kids Ministries says.

“In fact, we received pictures and video of our partners in the studio working on the audio portion of the Urdu project.”

Together with FMI, Keys for Kids helps Pakistani church planters reach entire families for Christ. The ministries equip national church planters with Storytellers. These “solar-powered audio mp3 players help disciple and lead people to Jesus in Pakistan,” Yoder says.

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Each Storyteller contains the Bible in Urdu, as well as Keys for Kids devotional material. “Keys for Kids is spearheading the initial cost of the units; this is something our partners want to use on a regular basis,” Yoder says.

Thank God that believers can still access the studio and work on recordings. Pray the Lord will make a way for church planters to receive the Urdu Storytellers, and distribute them in villages affected by flooding.

“When the weather tends to rear its ugly head like this, everything’s delayed. That’s going to be a problem for us,” Yoder says.

“We’re not going to get them into the hands of group leaders and kids to share the Gospel and disciple new believers as soon as we wanted to. But, at the same time, God has His plan in place.”


This story originally appeared at Mission Network News and is republished here with permission.