A moment of true sportsmanship is going viral after a baseball player came to the mound and hugged the pitcher who beaned him in the head moments earlier.

The incident took place on Tuesday during a Little League regional match-up between Texas East and Tulsa Nationals in Waco, TX. Texas pitcher Kaiden Shelton hit Tulsa's Isaiah Jarvis in the head during the first inning.

Jarvis dropped to the ground immediately after being hit and Shelton became visibly upset. Jarvis would soon get up, dust himself off and take his base. After arriving at first base, though, Jarvis could see Shelton was still upset and crying.

That's when the Tulsa batter approached the mound, but not looking for revenge. Instead, he approached the pitcher who just hit him moments earlier and consoled him.

"You're doing just great," Jarvis could be heard saying as he gave Shelton a hug.

Texas East called a timeout and rallied around their pitcher he would continue the game.

"Obviously he felt bad if he was crying like that, and I wanted to make sure he was OK and he knew that he was a dude on the mound; he threw hard; he was doing good,” Jarvis said in an interview with his hometown newspaper, the Tulsa World after the game.

“If I was in that position and just hit a kid in the head and almost gave him a concussion, I would be (crying), too. So I was just going over to make sure that he knows I’m OK and he doesn’t need to be crying because I’m just fine.”

Jarvis' coach told the paper he is proud of his player. “(Shelton) just lost control of the ball, so, we call him Zay, when Zay went out there and gave him a hug on the mound, I’ll be honest, I was crying like a baby. It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen."

The scene has wracked up millions of views on Twitter after being posted by ESPN with tens of thousands of people applauding the display of sportsmanship.

Texas won the game 9-4 and advanced to the Little League World Series.