The Newsboys released a new single called 'Worldwide Revival' and the lead singer is celebrating in a big way. 

"I'm jumping today for the first time in my life out of an airplane," says Michael Tait, lead singer of Newsboys. "I usually fly in airplanes not jump out of airplanes."

Tait took to the skies to celebrate the release of the song. He did a tandem jump with an instructor who also loves their music. 

"I feel really safe knowing he knows the song [God's Not Dead]. I'm excited to get in the air and I don't know what's going to happen. If I go splat, I'm going back up again 'cause I'm going to heaven. I'm heaven-bound!"

The single is also the title track for their upcoming album Worldwide Revival Pt 1 that is being released on July 19. 

"What better way to celebrate #worldwiderevival Part One than by seeing the world from up top?

@michaeltait took to the skies today & it was unbelievable."

There is no date yet for the release of when part two of the album will be released.