After a series of wild events, Christian artist Francesca Battistelli is introducing the world to her seventh child. 

"I’ve been quiet here because we have been soaking in almost five days with our newest SON!" says Battistelli on Facebook. 

Her seventh child, a boy, is Henry Barrett “Bear” Goodwin, and was born on June 8. 

"After some really crazy circumstances and a last minute change of midwives (we’re talking 24 hours before I gave birth!), God blessed us with a peaceful, beautiful, safe home birth on Saturday night! It was SUCH an answer to prayer that we did nothing to deserve but He graced us with so kindly!"

Her oldest child, a daughter, was part of the whole birth experience as well. 

Francesca Battistelli's husband and six children. Francesca Battistelli's husband and six children. (Francesca Battistelli/Facebook)

"Audrey, our oldest daughter, got to catch her brother and announce, “it’s a boy!” What a gift!"

Battistelli shared the meaning behind her newborn son's name.

"Henry means “house ruler.” We pray that he will grow up to be a strong man of God who rules his home with the grace and love of His savior who laid his life down for his bride. Barrett means “mighty as a bear,” and we pray he will be mighty in the Lord!"

While the birth was taking place, Battistelli played a song by the Christian band We the Kingdom. She even thanked them for their music in her birth post. 

The mother of seven homeschools her children, while writing music, and even acting in movies