United Way Alberta Northwest is ready to host its first ever Heli-drop this Sunday, November 12th at 2pm at Country Roads RV Park. 

The goal is 50 thousand dollars with funds going back to our community to support the essential work of local charities.  

Executive Director Tracy Zuk shared that Gemini Helicopters will be dropping the purchased golf balls on a huge pumpkin target. 

"The closest to the target will win ten thousand dollars, and the furthest will win one thousand." 

You can purchase your golf ball for $25 each online at https://trellis.org/heli-drop.  

"You do not have to be present to win, of course you are more than welcome to watch", said Zuk. 

The proceeds will directly benefit local charities doing vital work in our community including helping to ensure that kids have access to nutritious food, seniors receive the support they need, and students graduate with the skills they require for a successful future.