As the war rages on in Ukraine with no immediate end in sight, the Alberta government announced today (Monday, July 4) that it will expand its support for Ukrainian newcomers settling in Alberta. 

People fleeing the conflict, are faced with numerous challenges upon arrival in a new country and province. 

The province announced today (Monday, July 4) that as of July 25, it will provide six months of support to new residents arriving from Ukraine. The support will be put towards basic expenses like food, clothing, and shelter. 

It is anticipated that the majority of arrivals will be single-parent families arriving with very little. Upon arrival, Ukrainian parents can apply for six months of funding to cover the cost of licensed child care through the Child Care Subsidy Program.

Minister of Children's Services, Matt Jones says, “By helping with the cost of child care and supporting access to quality child-care programs for Ukrainian parents arriving in Alberta, we are ensuring their children will be safe and that families will have the help they need as they build a new life in our province.”

Alberta is home to more than 369,000 people of Ukrainian descent.