Reverend Dr. Kevin Fast has been the pastor at a Lutheran church in Cobourg, Ontario for nearly three decades.

Now he is a faithful pastor, but not a typical one. He is an extreme introvert who prefers to be alone and not in front of people, he also does not like school, but ended up spending 15 years in university.

Reverend Dr. Kevin Fast is also the holder of 31 Guinness World Records, all for feats of strength.

Throughout the years he has managed to pull planes, trains and automobiles. He has also competed in a number of Strongman competitions. One of his biggest accomplishments though, was when he pulled a three bedroom home.

He has come to be recognized as the 'world's strongest pastor', something he says is a gift from God.

Reverend Dr. Kevin Fast says that no matter the situation, it is important not to give up.

Although he is getting on in age, Dr. Fast says he will continue to participate in strength competitions as long as his body allows