Tasha Layton is sharing a bit of the heart behind her song, 'Worship Through It.'

"I hope that people can grab onto it and become inspired to worship through whatever situation they're walking through. Trust in God knowing that He's faithful. Knowing that He's good and knowing what the enemy meant for evil, He will always turn around," Layton said on a YouTube video. 

Layton says that she wrote the song with her husband, and Matthew West and AJ with the goal of writing about what their community was walking through at the time when a good friend was diagnosed with cancer. "I wrote this song 'Worship Through It' to encourage our community to worship through that valley. To worship as much in the valley as on the mountaintop. To worship when it's hard and when it's easy. Just to worship through it all."

She added, "We were praying hard for him and really believing God for a miracle on his behalf."

After he passed away, Layton says the song took on a brand new meaning. "We're worshipping through our grief and we're worshipping through us receiving the miracle not in the way we expected. I've never seen a community trust God more than our community right now. It's been really inspiring the way that people have leaned in and surrendered, but it's still hard."


Now she says, "I've been listening to the song myself and just letting my own song minister to my heart and letting Jesus speak to me through the song."