Reach FM’s Tanya Owen recently joined Hope and Healing International in Malawi and Uganda to visit kids living with disability in the poorest communities. These are some of the most vulnerable children in the world.

When Tanya travelled with Hope and Healing across Malawi and Uganda, she met kids who are too often overlooked or hidden away—sometimes out of shame, but more often out of necessity, as parents struggle to put food on the table and a roof over their family’s heads.

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Tanya heard stories of the misunderstanding, stigma and exclusion these beautiful kids face every day. Deep poverty makes access to vital medical care nearly impossible for far too many, leaving them vulnerable to sickness, infections and further disability.

As sobering as some of Tanya’s experiences in Malawi and Uganda were, there were inspiring moments too. Tanya got to see firsthand the incredible difference that Canadian supporters make. She saw that generous Canadians have chosen to make sure these amazing kids are shown Jesus’ love in tangible ways—by giving them hope and healing.

Tanya was also able to meet some of these incredible kids face to face and be inspired by their stories of resilience and perseverance.

On April 26th, grouphugs day, Tanya will be sharing stories of her experiences in Malawi and Uganda and the children who had a big impact on her.

Tanya and KauduraPhoto; Tanya Owen during a home visit with Kadura in Uganda. (Hope and Healing International)

Children like three-year-old Kadura, who was born with bowlegs. Kadura’s father left the family after she was born, and with 5 kids to feed, Kadura’s mother could not afford the surgery her daughter needed. But because of the caring support of a Canadian donor like you, Kadura will get the surgery she needs to straighten her legs.

A grouphug will give Kadura the vital medical care she needs to be able to walk and run without pain. It will give this little girl a brighter future. One with a lot less pain and a lot more hope.

Only $40 starts a child on the journey to hope and healing. Join us for grouphugs radio day or at to find out more.

“You can help change lives on grouphugs Day April 26th!” —Tanya Owen