Starting October 19, leaders from across Canada will have the opportunity to engage with topical instruction, executive coaching, and networking through a new offering from Homefield People & Strategy.

FORWARD: Next Level Leadership is a leaders-exclusive, nine-month program designed to help business leaders, people managers, and executives develop their existing skill sets and acquire new ones. Virtual, three-hour sessions will occur monthly, and participants will also have one-on-one executive coaching and hear from quarterly panels of Canadian business leaders. Enrollment is limited to 20-person cohorts.

Brynden S. Devenny, Manager of Client Experience at Homefield People & Strategy, says FORWARD was created to address a growing need for leadership development among business leaders who might not otherwise have the time for professional development.

“We’ve had conversations with clients who ask us, ‘How can I get quick, easy, and effective support in a short amount of time?’,” he explains. “With FORWARD, you’re going to walk away with tools in your toolkit that you can use instantly.”

Devenny shares that clients often ask a simple question: How can we make our team healthier and more productive?” While FORWARD will address several different ways, one of the ways is to know your “Working Genius.”

“We know at work there are specific things that get you excited and that you find joy in,” he says. “For some of us, it’s identifying the problem; for others, it’s rallying the team; for some, it’s putting the details together and finishing the project.”

At the end of the day, he says, a business needs to be able to bring a team together and ensure that everyone’s “genius” is leveraged. He adds: “And if we’re not a genius in one area, how can we leverage others? How do we ensure we are actually doing things that bring us joy at work?

Properly leveraging a staff, he explains, will influence how leaders create teams, build up projects, lead meetings, and so much more.

With that in mind, FORWARD is an ideal leadership development solution for any organization, regardless of size or the products or services delivered. Rather, it’s an intensive, nine-month program for leaders who simply want to grow their influence and their teams, but don’t know where to start.

That starting point, says Devenny, is exactly what FORWARD can provide, and can accommodate. And the pay-off is tangible.

“You’re going to acquire a toolkit overflowing with new ideas and new approaches… you’re going to increase your staff morale and staff culture, which means you’re going to reduce turnover and your customers will have a better experience and a better product.”

“If you don’t have time but have all the desire to try to create a better organization for a better community, for better staff, to improve something,” concludes Devenny, “FORWARD can help you with that.”

To inquire about a space in a FORWARD cohort, reach out to Brynden S. Devenny by calling (204) 326-3737 or emailing him at You can also visit for more information.