Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, California, Missouri, and even New Zealand held simultaneous baptisms this past weekend alongside former witch Jenny Weaver's Core Group.

"The Lord spoke to me and He literally said, 'Summer of Baptism'," Weaver said in a Facebook video. "I saw us going to different places and doing baptisms."

When Weaver first put out the call, nearly 2,000 people signed up to be baptized. 


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Senior leader of The Core group in Florida, Weaver and her husband Stephen baptized people in the ocean on the shores of Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, FL, on May 11. 

Simultaneously Julia Valdez was hosting a service at Pirate Bay Cove in California. 

"So many baptized," says Valdez. "So many saved. So many healed. So many delivered. So many baptized in the Holy Spirit. So much unity. So much love. So much restoration. Most importantly JESUS was glorified! The gospel proclaimed! All glory to king Jesus!!"

Erica Taylor, also part of The Core Group, held baptisms in Tennessee and 45 people went down to the river. 

People being baptized in a river in Tennessee. (Erica Taylor/Facebook)People being baptized in a river in Tennessee. (Erica Taylor/Facebook)

Megan West held a baptism service with The Core Group in Missouri. Roughly 130 people gave their lives to Christ and many of them chose to get baptized at the same time. 

"God did so much in the lives of His people on Saturday," says West. "THANK YOU JESUS!!"

Weaver shared that she believes this is just the beginning to the 'summer of baptisms' and is excited to see more events like this happen. 

"The plan is to go to as many places and allow people from all over to come and get baptized," Weaver said in an interview. "People are wanting hope. People are desperate for a change and we believe they will find that in Jesus."

Hoding this event during Mother's Day weekend was strategic, according to Weaver, as the point is to share the gospel with everyone. 

"This is an eternal thing and people can find that the transformation is in Jesus. I am an ex-Wiccan. I was homeless. I was living on the street...and now I am completely changed and there is only one thing that did that and that is Jesus."

The Core Group is headed to Texas next to host a baptism service on May 25.