A former Wiccan and drug addict is helping set the captives free in a second nationwide baptism event happening in May. 

Senior leader of The Core group in Florida, Jenny Weaver has planned a second baptism event after 200 hundred people got baptized in the ocean near Clearwater, FL.

The Core was started as a mentorship program by Weaver and her husband Stephen. In just 10 months, The Core grew to 13,000 men, women, and youth.

"The Lord spoke to me and He literally said, 'Summer of Baptism'," says Weaver in a Facebook video. "I saw us going to different places and doing baptisms."


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Weaver asked members of The Core to host their own baptisms in Louisiana, Tennessee, California, Texas, and Missouri. People have been signing up online with 1,000 people wanting to be baptized in Texas and 200 have already signed up at Sarasota Beach in Florida. 

"The list is growing. While we're baptizing in Sarasota, simultaneously we have all of these other baptisms set up in the United States happening. We walk people through repentance, salvation, prayer, and they can get deliverance. We're not limiting this to water baptism. We want the power of the Holy Spirit to be active in your life."

On May 11 Weaver and her husband will personally be baptizing people on Sarasota Beach which has great significance for the former witch. 

"This is my Hometown Sarasota Florida, and this is something called the drum circle they have every week ever since I was a little girl. It's a circle of new age singing, dancing, drinking, smoking, and promotes occult worship. This is the EXACT place the Lord told me to go and hold MASS BAPTISMS. It's the first time I'm going back to the place I used to dance half naked and drunk as a practicing Wiccan back in the day as now going as a BORN AGAIN Holy Ghost-filled believer to minister the GOSPEL!!"