The City of Grande Prairie is reminding all residents about seasonal workers in their neighbourhoods. As they carry out their essential duties, we urge the public to assist in ensuring their safety by being aware of how to identify city employees.

“We appreciate the community’s cooperation in respecting and supporting our workforce as they fulfill their responsibilities,” said Grande Prairie Communications Director, Philip Cooper. “If there are any concerns or questions about city staff working in your area, please contact Access GP by dialing 311.

Identifying Census Enumerators

During May to June 30, census enumerators are placing PIN Cards and collecting census information door-to-door at residences to gather important data that contributes to our city’s planning and resource allocation. These team members can be easily recognized by their high-visibility yellow vests and official city-issued identification badges.

Parks Staff

Our Parks Department staff are routinely tending to the city’s parks and playgrounds, ensuring these spaces are enjoyable and safe for everyone. Whether they are landscaping, cleaning, or performing repairs, these individuals wear designated uniforms and carry city-issued IDs.

City Assessors

City Assessors play a crucial role in maintaining accurate property and land records. Like our other outdoor staff, assessors are equipped with official identification.

Ensuring Safety and Cooperation

As our staff members visit residential areas, we ask pet owners to ensure their pets are securely restrained. This precaution helps prevent any incidents and allows our employees to perform their duties without obstacles.

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie