Premier Jason Kenney addressed Albertans on their back-to-work Tuesday following Thanksgiving Long Weekend to provide an update on COVID-19 within the province.

"Alberta is doing good work to close in on the national vaccination average with more than 85% of eligible Albertans having received at least the first dose," says Kenney.
"Altogether, more than 3.2 million Albertans have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine." 

Kenney also backed up the Restriction Exemption Program (REP), which has seen pushback from many Albertans since its launch in mid-September, noting the point of the program is so vaccinated Albertans can live as normal a life as they can without health restrictions.

Today, Kenney announced the new AB COVID Verifier App, which is for businesses to scan proof of vaccination QR codes. The QR codes, which will soon be the only acceptable form of vaccination proof for Albertans, can be received by CLICKING HERE. Each Albertan is given a unique QR code.

When entering a place participating in the REP, Albertans show the employee their QR code. The employee will then scan the QR code with the verifier app, which will show a person's name, date of birth, and whether they've been vaccinated. Businesses may also ask for a valid Alberta ID to go along with the QR code, to ensure they match.

“Our new proof of vaccine record and verifier app is more secure and easier to use for Albertans and businesses taking part in our Restrictions Exemption Program. It allows Albertans to easily show their vaccine record so they can safely do the things they enjoy such as visiting a recreation centre, gym, restaurant, or attending a sports or arts event," says Health Minister Jason Copping.

Starting on November 15, the QR code will be the only acceptable way to provide proof of vaccination in Alberta.