Local Peace Country Christan author Michelle Dwyer has just finished publishing her first book called, “Fierce Hope”.  Michelle Dwyer lives as a catalyst of hope. She is a sought-after speaker for workshops, conferences, and retreats and co-host of the “Further Up and Further In” podcast. She and her husband make their home outside Beaverlodge near Saskatoon Mountain.  

“Fierce Hope” recounts Michelle’s personal journey from depression into living what she refers to as “an authentically hope-full life”. Michelle covers the tools that readers too can use to activate hope in their own lives. Michelle hopes that what readers will gather from her book is that weariness, disappointment, and indifference no longer have to define their lives, and that they can lean into hope. 

“I think what I love about this book is how approachable and readable it is”  

In Fierce Hope, Michelle invites you into her story of losing and finding hope and shares the tools that have unlocked a fierce and relentless hope for her and countless others. These proven tools will activate hope in your own life. The book is written in a way that’s easy to read whether you’ve gone to church your whole life or you feel like you would never darken the doors. Don’t settle for what you’ve known—pursue hope.  

“I wanted people like my kids' friends, who are young adults to be able to read it. I wanted people who sat in the pews for years without any sense of dynamic joy to be able to read it”  

Join Michelle for her upcoming book signings in the Peace Country: 

Beaverlodge Alliance Church, Sunday the Dec 19th, 10-1 p.m.

Orange Theory, Grande Prairie, Dec 21, 11-1 pm 

Shepherd’s Fold, GP, Dec 22, 11-3 pm 

Petals on Main, coffee shop, Beaverlodge, Dec 23, 10-2 p.m 

To get more information, drop by Michelle Dwyer’s website

Fierce HopePhoto: Provided by Michell Dwyer