After a radical experience with the love of God, a Canadian Christian artist is thrilled to continue spreading God's love to people through media and song. 

Martine Kelsey is a Canadian Christian singer, songwriter, and the host of a TV/online show called Just Be Love. She originally grew up in New Brunswick but calls Toronto home for now. 

"My song 'Keep Running' was a partnership with One8Tea," says Kelsey. "The song is about how we grind every day. Next thing you know it's Monday morning again and you're hitting that alarm clock, and sometimes we feel we're on a hamster wheel. I just want to put a call out there to encourage the listener. I want you to start dreaming again. Keep praying and trusting because there's something more."

Kelsey and her husband started up an online TV show during the pandemic. 

"God is full of surprises and he likes to stretch us. With God, He doesn't like the comfortable zone. During COVID the Lord put the name of a ministry on our hearts, my husband and I. The show is mainly interviewing people and having special guests on, sharing about the love of God and how it has impacted their lives."

Their show goes back to the basics of Christianity, according to Kelsey, and working through what it means to love God and others. When Winnipegger Fresh IE was in Toronto recently, he was on the show to share how God changed his life in two-part episodes.

Personal Experience with God

Kelsey grew up going to church and, like many, started to stray away from her faith when she was a teenager.

"I was on fire for God and then I was not sure. I was living on my own during the college years and I sort of derailed a little bit. I went for a walk in the woods, crying out to God and I said, I don't want to do the rollercoaster ride anymore."

As Kelsey looked up through the trees, the sun shone down on her face. 

"When that sun shone on my face, I can't explain it but the love of God just washed over me. It's like at that moment I understood His love for me."

Kelsey shares that since that time, she has been on a mission to share God's love with people through music and now her show.