A new worship artist and songwriter, introduced to the music scene this summer, is impacting lives across the globe.

Seph Schlueter released his debut single, 'Counting My Blessings' in August. Since then, the song has not only been growing in North America, but has gone viral internationally, making the song's message more timely than ever as we enter the holiday season.

"It’s been four weeks since 'Counting My Blessings' came out, and I couldn’t be more blessed or grateful at how it’s been received," said Seph in a post on social media.


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Over the past few weeks, 'Counting My Blessings' was the most viral song in Brazil, landing the top spot on Spotify's Viral 50 playlist. Along with its success in South America, one of Brazil's top gospel artists, Isadora Pompeo, has just released her own version of the song in Portuguese, 'Bênçãos Que Não Têm Fím'. 

Schleueter also dropped an acoustic version of the song today.

"Making music for me isn’t a hobby. It’s a mission. It’s about bringing goodness, truth, and beauty to people’s lives and inspiring them to do the same. And so to see the millions of views, the hundreds of thousands of streams, the thousands of comments, the hundreds of DMs, all for the One who is Worthy, is so moving."

To date, the song has nearly 10M audio streams worldwide, and the official lyric videomusic video, and Portuguese translation lyric video have more than 2.5M combined views. The song has also been used in an astounding 280K creations on Instagram, along with 13K video creations on TikTok, accounting for more than one billion short-form video views.

Schlueter's greatest desire is to help lead others into an encounter with Jesus and give language to a relationship with God through his music.