We The Kingdom hope their new Christmas song will bring joy to families this holiday season. 

"Not sure we have ever been more excited to release a brand new song," said the band on Facebook. 

The new single, 'Christmas in Hawaii,' is something light-hearted and fun that the group started writing earlier this year. They were shocked by how God took this song and made it something more.

"God has used it in so many ways to bring us joy, laughter, and excitement after coming back into the studio exhausted from travelling for most of the year," We The Kingdom explained.

"Life is stressful, hard, lonely, and even can feel hopeless sometimes, but we believe that the God who intimately knows us gives us moments, songs, and relationships to remind us of the joy that we have in Him. 'Christmas in Hawaii' has been one of those things for us, and we are so grateful to share it with you."

The band was joined by Hawaii native Jeff Au Hoy, who played steel guitar on the new track. 

"We hope that as you listen, you will experience a glimpse of the joy and wonder that comes with the Christmas season. We believe the laughter from something silly as Santa getting stuck in a coconut tree is just a tiny snow globe picture of the massive wonder, awe, and joy of knowing that the God of the universe miraculously became one of us. Did life as a human, and ultimately gave that life that we might live to the full on earth and enjoy the endless wonders of Heaven when we meet Him in eternity.

We The Kingdom will head out on the road again later this year for their headline, 'A Family Christmas Tour.'