A young Christian singer who used the stage of America's Got Talent (AGT) to share her story and inspire millions is being remembered in a special way. 

Jane Marczewski, whose stage name was Nightbirde, passed away in Feb 2022 after a battle with cancer. Marczewski was given just a two percent chance of survival, but that didn't stop her from pushing forward.

"I have a two percent chance of survival, but two percent is not zero percent. Two percent is something, and I wish people knew how amazing it is." 

After performing her song, the singer received a standing ovation, and Simon Cowell pressed the golden buzzer, moving her on to the next round, regardless of what the other judges said.

A couple of months after making her debut on the show, she announced her health had declined and that she would be unable to continue with the competition.

"I am so sad to announce that I won’t be able to continue forward on this season of AGT. Life doesn’t always give breaks to those that deserve it—but we knew that already."

On Dec. 29, 2023, which would've been Jane's 33rd birthday, her sister, Kate Marczewski, decided to release a special song in her memory.

"Happy Heavenly Birthday, Janie! We couldn’t think of a better way to honour Jane than through the gift of music on her 33rd birthday. We sure do miss you, Jane!"

Kate wrote the song, 'Life is a Gift,' and performed for Jane’s memorial.

"Jane, I love + miss you forever. The legacy you left is nothing short of a miracle. Your life was a gift to every person who encountered it, and we are still receiving from it today. I am grateful for every minute I had with you."