Christian artist Crowder released the latest powerful single 'Even in EXILE' off his upcoming album. 

The EXILE album will be released on May 31, 2024, and has 12 songs on it.

The first single released on the album, 'Grave Robber,' garnered Crowder his fifth No. 1 song on the Christian AC & Airplay charts.


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Crowder's last album, Milk and Honey, came out in 2022 and is the first of a trilogy of albums. This new record will be the second part to the trilogy, leaving fans excited to see the third part in the future. 

This new single 'Even in EXILE' was recorded alongside Grammy award-winning producer team Ben Glover and Jeff Sojka. It follows the story of Moses to an extent. 

"Hope is not lost, hope is not gone, even in exile," says Crowder on Instagram.