Phil Wickham has released a new devotional version of his album, I Believe.

"You'll hear me talk through the story and heart behind each song before they play," said Wickham in a post on Facebook.

He also announced his new devotional, I Believe:14 Days to Living a Life of Greater Faith is officially available for pre-sale

"It’s a 14-day devotional, each day exploring the heart and story behind a song off of my album, I Believe," said Wickham. "Every song I write has a ten-page testimony behind it—the journey of what God did in my heart to bring that song to life. The purpose and the meaning behind it all."

He says the hope and prayer of this book is to create space for people's hearts to slow down and encounter the one who changes everything so that their soul may boldly proclaim in a new way

"No person in the Gospels who encountered Jesus ever left the same."

The devotional will hit shelves on May 31, 2024.