A visit to the Sea of Galilee and watching people get baptized in the Jordan River were places of impact on Christian rapper Lecrae during his recent visit to the Holy Land. 

"I finished my lasted project (Church Clothes 4) and headed straight to the Lands of the Bible," says Lecrae on Facebook. "This has been a powerful trip that helps me put it all in perspective."

His brand new album Church Clothes 4 is set to be released on November 4. 


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"Been following the footsteps of Sha’ul (Apostle Paul) in Greece and Turkey," he says on Instagram. "Realizing that this Hebrew follower of Christ was not respected or taken seriously in these major cities while he was alive. Constantly mocked, laughed at, beaten, and oppressed by his captors. He died clinging to a hope they couldn’t grasp."

Lecrae's recent trip brought Apostle Paul to the forefront and the reality he lived in the area. 

"Even though much the modern world has met the Messiah due to this apostle, he lived a stressful, difficult, focused….yet JOYFUL life. I’m challenged to live as loud for Christ as I did for myself before I knew him."

The artist shares that his focus is on God and His kingdom, rather than simply growing or talking about his own music. 

"Thank you God for using your servant Sha’ul. His life’s work makes my music and my life more meaningful."