Thousands of students gathered outside the University of Tennessee this week to hear the Gospel and praise Jesus.

Unite US, a faith event that aims to share God's word at college campuses across the country has been on the road since last fall 

At the first event, one person felt called to be baptized. Several others followed suit, leading to 200 people giving their lives to Christ that night. 

Since then, hundreds of youths and young adults continue to feel the call including over 120 students who were baptized outside of the University of Tennessee on Wednesday.


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"It's just so good," said Jennie Allen. "God is moving"

In the video, you can see student after student line up to be baptized as thousands of others watch in awe. The baptisms went on until midnight, with several pastors present to pray for those needing it. 

Since they started, Unite US has visited five college campuses, filling arenas full of college students worshiping Jesus. They've also helped thousands get plugged into a local church and watched as hundreds were baptized. 

"God is on the move. And this is just the beginning."