A contestant of American Idol who wowed judges in the auditions by singing 'There Was Jesus' while playing the piano has officially made the Top 7.

Katy Perry used a 'save' vote allowing McKenna Breinholt to move on to the next round. 

"It’s gonna take me a second to recover from the night’s events. I’m so beyond grateful. Everybody did so amazing, so it is an honour to still be here," said Breinholt in a post on Facebook. "Katy really opened a new world of music for me and continuously pushes me to sing my entire heart out," she said.  I know that Amy was on that stage with me. I am forever grateful and will always remember this moment. "

Breinholt sang Lissie's 'Everywhere I Go,' dedicating it to her birth mom. 

In the auditions, McKenna brought up the fact that she was adopted, saying when she was in her 20s, she decided to learn more about her birth family. 

She discovered that her mother, Amy Lopez, was a talented singer. When she went on a search to find her, she found out that her birth mother had passed away. 

In the journey to finding her birth family, she discovered that she came from a very musically inclined family. At the auditions, she was shocked when a few members of her birth family were waiting to cheer her on after picking up a Golden Ticket. This meeting brought everyone to tears, including McKenna.

Breinholt is now preparing for the next round of American Idol.