The average cost of a new home in Grande Prairie rose significantly this year from 2022.

In September, 137 homes were sold in the city with an average residential sale price of $337,455. The average sale price for September 2023 brings up the current annual average price to $323,196.

Grande Prairie saw 7 single-family starts and 4 multi-family starts in September 2023, compared to 11 single-family starts and 10 multi-family starts in the same month last year. 

64 building permits worth over $13.7 million were issued across the city in September. This is a 47% increase in monthly value compared to September of last year, but still a 25% decrease in overall year-to-date value compared to the January to September period in 2022. 

The region’s unemployment rate is at 6.1%, which is still higher than Alberta’s overall unemployment rate of 5.9%.

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie

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