Grande Prairie RCMP have noticed an increase in bail money scams being reported to police locally.

At least three victims in the Grande Prairie area have reported that they have received phone calls stating their grandchild had been arrested and that they required bail money. The victims are then instructed on how to send the money via Purolator. The money requested has been between $8,000 and $12,000.

Here are some other tips to avoid being a victim of this scam:

• Never offer information to the caller. If they prompt you with a question like, “Do you know who this is?” simply say no and have them tell you.

• Ask the caller a few personal questions that a real grandchild could answer but an imposter could not

• After you hang up, verify the story by calling the parents or other relatives of the “grandchild”

• Never send money to someone under uncertain conditions.

• Never provide your credit card number over the telephone or Internet unless you are sure about who you’re giving it to

• Police will never ask for money to be sent via Purolator for bail money.

Information provided by the Grande Prairie RCMP