During the current economic trend known as the "Great Resignation," workers are quitting jobs at near-record levels in search of better opportunities. Some leave in search of better pay, but many say they are searching for better workplaces – ones that offer employees dignity, safety and flexibility. In 2022, workers want more from their jobs than a paycheck.

Dr. Tim Kimmel, bestselling author and Founder of Grace Based Families, has written a new book alongside business executive Michael Tooker, Grace at Work: The Secret to Getting More from Your Job than a Paycheck. Kimmel, who has sold more than a million books, brings his four decades of grace-based teaching and wisdom to this new title. Tooker brings extensive corporate experience, including executive roles at American Express, Verra Mobility, Grace Based Families, and the mortgage banking space. Together, they provide readers with a plan for applying grace-based principles where most people spend the bulk of their waking hours: at work.

Bringing grace to the workplace isn’t about convincing coworkers to attend church. Instead, it is about following Jesus in the workplace and allowing God’s grace to flow through to everyone in that environment. Grace at Work moves readers towards this goal: “Treating others with kindness, mercy, understanding, patience, encouragement, forgiveness, and hope. That’s grace. And grace-filled workplaces are exactly what employees are looking for in 2022.”

Grace at Work doesn’t claim that bringing grace to work will transform one’s workplace into a haven of kindness, but it does promise readers that grace will make a deep and personal impact on the people around them. And for those who aren’t thrilled about their current job, practicing grace at work offers a very personal benefit: a positive change in how readers view themselves, the God they serve, the people with whom they work, and the job they do. 

“God always meant for work to be a vital part of our lives. Work isn’t just about what we do, where we do it, the client base we do it for, or the colleagues we do it with, write Kimmel and Tooker. “God designed work to be a way He provides for us, makes us better people, and works through us for the benefit of others.”

People of faith are often encouraged to arrange their priorities in a particular order: God, spouse, kids, work, and everything else. But Grace at Work urges readers to de-compartmentalize their faith so that God is part of every area of life, including work. Kimmel and Tooker write, “When we let God own his rightful place in our hearts—the driver’s seat—his grace is going to run through us into all areas of our lives. People in your workplace will know you care by how you look at them, how you speak to them, how you speak about them to others, and how you view their significance as a human being.”