When a man with a face full of tattoos stepped into prison and met his cellmate, he didn't think it meant he would also meet the Lord. However, that's exactly what happened. 

"I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit when I was in jail," an inmate shares in a video on Instagram. 

The inmate shares his testimony of being sentenced and going to jail at the end of 2018. 

"My cellmate was Joshua Pardue, man I would never forget. I was watching TV and he's like, 'Do you believe in Jesus?'"


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The question shook the inmate as he hadn't expected to talk about God when he went to jail. 

"Anybody else could have been my cellmate. God, He speaks through people. In that moment, God reached me, through my cellmate."

The inmate shares that even though many people don't take time to think about God, he believes that Jesus is always thinking about each person. 

"One night, I was on my bunk, and I decided to worship. When I lift up my cover, I started crying. I can't explain why I was sad, but I was just sad. But something hovered over me and stripped my sadness away and filled me with joy."

Later, the inmate heard from his cellmate that he experienced an encounter with the Holy Spirit. 

"I was just laughing," he says. "I felt like a child."