New Brunswick Christian artist, Matt LaFait has just released his latest single called “Out of the Flames "with One8Tea.  

Matt's journey of faith began in his childhood church. "I grew up in church, I believed," he recalls. As a teen, he led worship and formed the band "Rekoncyle," which achieved notable success. Rekoncyle released two albums and a worship project, performing in churches and festivals across the Maritime provinces and even at Soulfest in New Hampshire, USA. They earned accolades like the MGMA "Band of the Year" and an ECMA nomination. 

Though Matt maintained his faith through his youth and twenties, he felt a profound transformation only in his thirties. "I can't say that I completely was transformed until I hit 30," Matt admits. Now, married for 16 years with a 14-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter, Matt reflects on the incredible changes God has brought into his life recently. "God has been doing some crazy things in our lives just in the last five or six years," he says. 

"Out of the Flames," featuring One8Tea, has roots back in 2018. After putting Rekoncyle on hiatus, Matt found himself lost and turned to songwriting for solace. "I had no idea who I was. All the work that I had put in previously to the band just kind of seemed wasted," he explains. The song emerged from his struggles, depicting the flames of life's challenges, and finding hope through God. "It's written from the standpoint of being in the flames like you're in this situation right now and you can't get through it. And the only way out is looking to God because Jesus is that fourth man in the fire with you," Matt describes. Rediscovered during a tough year, the song felt timely and deeply resonant, leading to its release. "It's been like, the hardest year of our lives. And it's like the best song I could have released this year," he notes. 

Matt and One8Tea first crossed paths a decade ago, collaborating on multiple projects. "We crossed paths about 10 years ago when I was in my old band, Rekoncyle. We did some gigs together," Matt shares. Their friendship and mutual respect culminated in this latest collaboration, finally realizing a long-discussed plan. "We've talked about having him on one of my songs for 10 years. Almost. And I was like, dude, let's do it this year. He's like, I'm in," Matt says. 

Matt’s hope for listeners is clear: no matter the situation, there is always hope, and you are never alone. "My hope is that the listener just realizes that there's hope no matter what situation you're going through, and I can, firmly and strongly, with full belief in God, say that you're never alone," he affirms. "Even in those darkest times where you think it's always going to be this way, it's not. You might feel alone in the fire, but Jesus is with you."