The Color recently performed at a three-day youth conference in Mexico, the same location where one of the band members' family lived. 

"Larry's family grew up in Cuauhtémoc and some of his siblings spent some of their childhood," says Jordan Janzen, lead singer of The Color. "The reason why we were the ones they reached out to was because somebody had seen us perform at the Harvest Festival in Winkler. So when they were getting ready to plan their youth conference, they thought of us."

Roughly 600 youth in the area attended the Alert conference with a theme of identity in Christ. 

"This was something that was pushing things a little bit culturally bringing us in, which I think from their perspective was brave and bold. It was really great."


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Coming Up

Jordan Janzen and The Color will be touring with the Newsboys starting this spring. 

"This is the year that the floodgates seemed to have opened," says Janzen. "I've been doing solo stuff for about a year and that has led to some new opportunities. Not only for me but for The Color as well. Beginning in May through to November we're going to be on the road with the Newsboys, which is kind of wild."

The pair of Christian bands was initially going to start touring together in January but things got postponed until the spring. 

"There have been moments in the past few years when we didn't know what the next step was. It's been exciting to see certain pieces fall into place that we never anticipated. We couldn't have manufactured it if we would have wanted to. It's fun and exciting."

Janzen will be releasing new music later this year as a solo artist, as will The Color.