After struggling with famine and political struggle for years, Lebanon's capital city lit up with praises to God during 'Beirut 2024.'

"Let us pray together for our unity! Let us raise our hymns to the Lord Jesus on the intention of peace!" said mecchurches on Instagram. 

The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) held the praise event on January 20 as part of the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. It was also MECC's 50th anniversary. 


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"This unique prayer meeting unites diverse Churches in praise, fostering unity as outlined in Ephesians 1."

It is estimated by MECC that roughly 10,000 people of different Christian denominations came together for the praise event. 

"It is an opportunity to pray for peace in Lebanon and repentance for its people," the event website shares. "It enables people to contemplate the musical manifestation of the Holy Spirit throughout the history of mankind. Beirut 2024, is a moment of heavenly grace, hope and joy."

There were 300 singers and musicians in attendance to lead worship, literally singing to God in one voice. 

According to Professor Dr. Michel Abs, Secretary General of the MECC, "Our chant tonight will be ascending to heaven, with the power of the Spirit that unites us, and it will be, in this afflicted region, stronger than the screams of haters and murderers of man, and louder than the blast of their bombs."