It's Super Bowl weekend, and for the second year in a row, Jesus will be front and centre.

He Gets Us, a campaign started by a group of Jesus fans and followers who desire to rediscover and share the compelling story of Jesus’ life in a new way, will have two ads played during this year's big game.  

"We are grateful to share the world’s greatest love story on the world’s largest stage once again," said He Gets Us on X.

Last year, the ads were hugely focused on loving your enemies. 

"This year, the ads will emphasize 'loving our neighbours like Jesus did,' encouraging people to respect and serve each other,"  said Greg Miller to Rolling Stone.

The first ad, which is 60 seconds long, will run in the first quarter, while the second ad, a 15-second follow-up, will air in the second half. 

Meanwhile, Hallow, a prayer & meditation app to help you deepen your relationship with God, will also have a commercial featured during the Super Bowl. 

The goal of their 30-second ad, which features Mark Wahlberg and Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus in The Chosen, is to invite people to pray together. 

"Our goal at Hallow is to try to help as many people as possible, especially those who have most fallen away, to pray and build a real relationship with God,” said Alex Jones, co-founder and CEO of Hallow to CNA.

The half-a-minute ad will air just before halftime. 

“If we can reach out to just one person like that — someone in a tough place, someone lost — and help them to begin a journey back to God, then yes, it will have been worth it,” said Jones to CNA.