Raising an 'impossible kid' can be a challenge, and Lucille Williams has been there and done that. Thankfully, she's using her years of experience, complete with mistakes and victories, to help other parents face their own challenges.

Her new book, The Impossible Kid: Parenting a Strong-Willed Child with Love and Grace, looks at raising high-spirited, stubborn, or just downright disagreeable kids.

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Perhaps most importantly, Williams points out that an impossible kid is not a hopeless kid. In fact, they have many characteristics that will help them be successful in life.

Filled with wisdom, encouragement, and a healthy dose of humour from her own real-life struggles, Williams provides practical tools and tips for parents who may be weathering the storm of parenthood.

What makes this book special is that you’ll get a glimpse into the mind of an impossible kid as Lucille’s daughter, Monica, who is now an adult and mother of her own strong-willed child, shares insights and reflections along the way. You’ll hear her thoughts, critiques and perspectives as a child—and as a mother.

The Impossible Kid is an encouraging and informative read, covering a variety of topics including:

· Dealing with family dysfunctions

· Feeling like an inadequate parent

· The dreaded sex talk

· Creative and effective discipline

· Scriptures that were helpful for her in the tough moments

· Laughter is good medicine

· Kids and dating

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