Roadwork on 116 Avenue is nearing completion, with the final stages of paving currently underway.

Crews are paving 116 Avenue between the Bear Creek Bridge and 102 Street and anticipate the paving to be complete by August 30, with line painting to follow shortly after.

Varying traffic detours are in effect and digital signage boards are being updated throughout the project to keep the public informed.

Detours include 2 to 4-hour periods of temporary restriction of traffic turning onto/off 116 Avenue from secondary roadways. This is to allow the new pavement to be installed and cooled before permitting traffic on the pavement.

The intersections with intermittent temporary restrictions include:

•    106 Street & 116 Avenue Intersection

•    108 Street & 116 Avenue Intersection

•    105 Street & 116 Avenue intersection

To ensure traffic flow, only one intersection is permitted to be closed at a time.

Once the paving is completed on the eastbound lanes of 116 Avenue, traffic will be switched over to run on the westbound lanes.

Transit routes will be accommodated as the work progresses and minimal impact to pedestrians is anticipated.

For more information, visit or call 311.


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