An engagement session was held on Friday, September 15, 2023 at the new multi-use sports courts located in Kin Park along 110 Avenue. The courts were open for play in mid August and many locals have already been out enjoying them. The engagement session included members of local sports clubs, City staff members and the media.

Those attending the session discussed the aspects of the courts that they were pleased with, as well as the items they felt were missing or could be improved upon. In preparation for a grand opening ceremony in early summer of 2024, staff looked to the main user groups of this facility to guide them in bringing forward the final phase of this project to the 2024 budget. Some of the key items brought forward at the engagement session were:

• Amenities such as benches, walkways, waste cans, and access to washrooms and water

• Signage to encourage proper use of the facility such as no dogs on the court, cleaning off your shoes before entering and only parking along the north side of 110 Avenue

• Strategies for keeping the courts clean such as maintenance schedules, more wind screens and boot scrapers

The multi-use courts fit into the overall Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan that was completed earlier this year. Although the plan was not yet in place when this project began, it speaks to the need for updated recreation services that are accessible, affordable, and foster the growth of a diverse community. This project also falls under one of Council’s Strategic Priorities: Parks, Trails and Recreation Facilities.

Recreation is something the City values for all ages and abilities. There are many groups in Dawson Creek that will benefit from the multi-use courts including school classrooms, seniors, sports clubs and more. For those waiting on a project aimed at younger children, there is a new accessible playground being built just down the hill from this facility. These projects combined will breathe life back into the south side of Kin Park, which is a staple outdoor space in Dawson Creek.

Information provided by the City of Dawson Creek

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