She grew up learning how to win with money.

Rachel Cruze had no way of getting around it, being the daughter of Dave Ramsey, a well respected and well known business man and financial guru.

She understands the dangers of debt, and she’s seen firsthand the damage it can do. She knows how to give generously, spend wisely, and save for the future. Now Rachel has a passion to help others learn those same principles, and she’s traveling the country doing just that.

Rachel is now a respected personal finance expert who has been a guest on a number of television and radio shows across North America. She is also a contributor to a number of magazines. She is also a #1 New York Times best-selling author, host of The Rachel Cruze Show, and The Rachel Cruze Show podcast.

She’s authored three best-selling books, including Love Your Life, Not Theirs and Smart Money Smart Kids, which she co-wrote with her father, Dave Ramsey.

Cruze says for many it can be very hard to see through debt as the majority of people live paycheque to paycheque.

She says no matter where a person is or how much debt that they may have, they just need to start working their way out.

"The fastest way to do it, the most effective way is to list off all of your debts, smallest to largest, regardless of the interest rate. Pay minimum interest rates on everything and then attack the smallest one first," Cruze explained. "Once that is payed off, then roll it over to the next smallest debt. You keep going, we'll have a debt snowball because you keep picking up momentum as you're going."

She says it is amazing that anyone, if they choose to, can become debt free. They just have to make a choice and make some sacrifices.

"It is so worth it to be in control of your money and to not have that stress of owing someone," said Cruze.

Cruze says it is also important to create a budget with your spouse and to prepare an emergency fund that can support your family in times of need.

When couples get on the same page—through talking regularly, making money goals, and discussing dreams together—they build a strong foundation for their relationship.

“Talking about money is often more valuable than the money itself,” Cruze said.

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