More than 100 people braved the cold on Saturday to participate in the Coldest Night of the Year walk in Muskoseepi Park.

Over 26,000 dollars was raised to go towards local charities helping people that are experiencing hunger and homelessness.

The fundraising initiative was put on by the Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta Northwest.

Funds raised: $26,569.69.

Teams: 21

Walkers: 108

Volunteers: 29

Sponsors: 24

Top 5 teams:

Chemically Connected - $2120.69

ATB Polar Bears - $1825.00

Winter Warriors - $1692.00

Servus Shredin' Union - $1420.00

New Horizon Co-op in the Community - $1400

Donations can still be submitted up until March 31st. at

THANK YOU to the team captains, walkers, donors, sponsors and volunteers who give, give, and give again and again to make the event such a success and ensure that the Canadian Mental health Association Grande Prairie has the resources necessary to help their clients.

The Coldest Night of The Year 2025 will take place February 22, 2025.

Information provided by the Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta Northwest

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